We are the leading Atlanta junk cars buyers and remover. We buy any type of car, any model, any mileage, bad engine, bad transmissions, wrecked car and we pay cash on the spot. We pick any junk car from any location with just a single call! Our junk car service experts and pick up trucks will be at your door step within one hour after you make the call to us. We will pay you most cash for your junk car.

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Our 24 hour free junk car removal and phone services ensure that our cherished customers get to reach us on their first try and junk removal is scheduled at the time you want us to pick up

Serving Greater Atlanta AREA for 10 years

We pay top dollar for your 2003 or newer Toyota and Honda vehicles. We offer fast and instant cash for junk cars; junk car removal transaction is done at your convenience. Sell your junk cars for cash to us today and get top dollar and great service. call now  (678) 887-2952

Do you have a beat-up Beetle sitting in your garage? Turn to Metro Atlanta Junk Cars. We will offer you cash on the spot.

Is an immobile Impala taking up valuable yard space? Give us a call. We can even provide a quote over the phone.

Does your junkyard Jeep need a new home? Allow us to help with that, too. In fact, we are happy to buy any car, regardless of the year, make, or model.

Forgive us the alliteration: we know that junk cars are no joke. And if you are looking for an easy, lucrative way to be rid of your unwanted vehicle, you won’t find a more serious offer. Metro Atlanta Junk Cars will happily pay cash for your automotive. What’s more, we also offer free removal services. Simply give us a call to get the ball rolling.

About Our Team

Metro Atlanta Junk Cars is the leading scrap car buyer in the area. If you are looking to sell junk cars fast, get in touch. Whether your automobile suffers from a bad transmission, expired engine, or other disastrous problem, we are willing to take it off your hands. Because we’ve spent years in the business and know the market, we can extend a fair quote on the worth of your vehicle.

Junk Car Removal

When you want to sell junk cars fast in Atlanta, GA, money is just one part of the equation. You are also looking for ease and convenience. Metro Atlanta Junk Cars completes the transaction with our unbeatable removal services. Get in touch to learn more.

24/7 Service

You can inquire about our free removal services or request a quote on your vehicle at any time of the day. Simply reach out to our Atlanta, GA, office by calling (678) 887-2952. We look forward to hearing from you.

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